Saturday May 7, 2022

“Summer Vibes” on Spotify is the playlist I listen to the most when I am cooking. Instead of just sharing the playlist, I’ve decided to highlight 5 songs that will be in the rotation for the next month or so, depending on how I feel at the time. Sometimes I dig listening to tunes every day for weeks – or years! 

“Raised By Wolves” –Black Suit Youth

New York


The anthemic, high-energy single by NY-based rock band Black Suit Youth would perfectly suit a wakeboarding or party playlist! Definitely one of those songs to blast while up at the cottage, firing up the BBQ, surrounded by people with good vibes! The music video was directed by Jon Kaplan, filmed in Cobble Hill in Brooklyn, NY

“Baby I Would Want You” – Blake Morgan

New York City, NY


A more chill party tune, I definitely picture having a cold day drink (alcoholic beverage or not) under the shade on a dock to “Baby I Would Want You” by Blake Morgan! The vibe is a bit 90s alternative rock, but modern enough to be your fresh new favorite song! 


A quote from the press release: “It’s an ‘apocalyptic’ love song which declares––in no uncertain terms––that should it all come to end right now, I love you and I’d want to be with you while it does: ‘in a ship that’s built for two / at the end of the world / me and you.’ In truth, what other kind of love song is there, really?” – Blake Morgan


Nice to know this mindset still exists these days!


The cinematic music video for the single was directed by Alice Teeple. Morgan’s album Violent Delights officially drops on May 20, 2022

“Crossroad” – Losun



A calm, indie rock voice, paired with an alt/pop vibe, I love how upbeat “Crossroad” by Spain-based artist, Losun is, in contrast to the lyrics! It sounds like they’re about continuously hanging with an ex, when the union ended for good reasons a while ago.  The video features fans/friends, jamming at home to the single. 


Video by Assiah Alcazar & Mateo Guidali VFX from productioncrate

“Tsai Shen” – Trauma Cat

Syracuse, NY


This is one of those songs I listened to and thought the melodies and musical arrangements alone are poetic, even before listening to the lyrics!  When I first hit “play” on the video, and see these guys in trucker hats with cat ears on, I thought they were going to have a pop-punk sound, but the Kinder surprise is their sound of indie rock fused with a bit of a jazz influence. Trauma Cat is one of those bands I can tell would be full of great surprises! 

“Shake On The Floor” – Lucifer’s Beard



A party tune. Hands down. It’s anthemic, it’s wild, wonderfully curated, organized chaos. “Shake On The Floor” is like if Hard-Fi, OK Go! and The White Stripes had a baby! If I were come up with a music video concept for this song, I can picture it taking place in a house party, shot in one continuous take, the band performing, then the videographer (using a Hi-8 camera or something like that) panning out and filming around the house. Everyone you see at the party is doing something naturally fun, sexy and interesting. The footage speeds up between scenes, and slows down on the action, but there are zero jump cuts. Then it ends with the videographer filming himself by accident to quickly change the dying battery, then the screen goes black.