Sunday June 26, 2022

“Summer’s On Its Way” – Honey Tree Beats

Cleveland, OH


With a visualizer featuring nostalgic black & white imagery of kids playing outside (rather than being glued to their iPads), “Summer’s On Its Way” by the Cleveland-based Honey Tree Beats, featuring the raw & poetically playful vocal stylings & ambient pulsing back beats of Kate Dedinsky (who has started her musical career on the drums)! A perfect song for those who dig artists like Lana Del Rey, and to welcome the summer season! 


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“Generation Low” – Dance Yourself Clean

Los Angeles, CA


If you like artists such as Lana Del Rey and Lolo Zouaï, you’ll love Los Angeles-based alt-pop collective, Dance Yourself Clean! They have just released their latest single “Generation Low” which is the first single off their Summertime Madness EP!


“Generation Low” has been added to my “Chill Tunes” playlist on Spotify!

“One Day At A Time” – Marsha Bartenetti

United States


The magic is in collaboration: songwriter, composer, arranger and librettist Jane McNealy recruited the enchanting award-winning vocalist Marsha Bartenetti for the single, “One Day At A Time”, off the album Marsha Bartenetti sings McNealy & Kuhns!


“Lyrics are everything to me. Whenever I choose songs to record, my first consideration is the lyric and how I resonate to the story…and then, of course, melody. Jane and Alice’s songs paint very evocative pictures – like you are walking into an impressionistic painting. And the lush arrangements of the songs create depth and texture, supporting each lyric. I was very drawn to the longing and hope in their lyrics as well,” said the elegant-voiced Bartenetti, who is also an actor and well-known voiceover artist.


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“Orange” – Estella Dawn

Denver, CO


Have you ever gone on a Tinder date and unexpectedly experienced instant chemistry, where it feels like you’ve known them for years? This sweet song from Denver-based alt-pop artist, Estella Dawn entitled “Orange” beautifully illustrates that rare scenario! 


“This song is about potential, when everything feels effortless. Drinking in some-body, the way they feel and laugh when they look at you and you realize you’d like them to keep looking at you that way. There’s no place you’d rather be thanright there kissing them in that orange living room. When everything just stops.” Estella says.


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“Undergrowth” – Shattered Circuits

Sydney, Australia


“Undergrowth” is an instrumental masterpiece, complete with a synthesizer intro, and precise jazz musicianship from Sydney-based nu-jazz band, Shattered Circuits!


The nu-jazz ensemble consists of Tom Andrews (saxophone), Tom Urquhart (keys), Amanda Jenkins (bass), and Brendan Paul (drums).


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