Thursday June 30, 2022

“Over N Over” – Alfie Butel

United Kingdom


A playful, feel-good summertime song, the self-produced single “Over N Over” has that “new nostalgia” vibe I’ve been really into lately, has that ’70s funk/pop flair, married to earthy indie pop of the 2010s!


At 20 years old, UK-based alt-R&B/pop artist, Alfie Butel already has 10 years of experience performing live at hundreds of gigs, such as The Island Games, Weekender and The Groove De Lecq Festival! With “Over N Over”, Alfie has really brought that ’70s funk/pop flair, and married it to earthy indie pop of the 2010s! In 2020, his debut release “Mexico” gained multiple spins on the iconic BBC Introducing radio show in the channel islands. 


“Over N Over” has been added to my “Summer Vibes” playlist on Spotify!

“Stereotype Of A Broken Mind” – Hard Lights, ECHOWALL, Jaimes


I’m really feeling the alt-pop/ slap house / Brazilian bass/ rap crossbreed of genres in the single “Stereotype Of A Broken Mind” from Malaysian artist, Hard Lights, featuring ECHOWALL and Jaimes! 


“Stereotype Of A Broken Mind” has been added to my “Summer Vibes” playlist on Spotify!

“Prophete On Top” – Prophete

United States


A summer jams staple! “Prophete On Top” is sure to get you into the beach party vibe, as it brings tropical dancehall vibes! Raised in Haiti, Prophete was always exposed to a variety of genres and artists like Nat King Cole, The Platters, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, and more!


“Prophete On Top” has been added to my “Wanderlust” and  “Summer Vibes” playlists on Spotify!

“Why Do You Lie” – Jeremy Rice



Calling someone out on their games and lies in catchy, sunny alt/pop song format, with an ’80s-pop flair (think Duran Duran and Styx), brought to you by Jeremy Rice! The “pop art” video, inspired by the works of Andy Worhol, was directed by Rice featuring a full band and pastel visuals and dynamic transitions.


“Why Do You Lie” has been added to my “Wanderlust” and “Summer Vibes” playlists on Spotify!

“Maybe My Soulmate Died” – iamnotshane

United States


Have you ever stayed single for an extended period of time, and wonder if your soulmate died? It’s no wonder that iamnotshane’s “Maybe My Soulmate Died” has streamed over 2 million streams on Spotify the first week of release after garnering 100m views on TikTok in the weeks leading up to the release! An upbeat, catchy, relatable song!


“Maybe My Soulmate Died” has been added to my “Wanderlust” and  “Summer Vibes” playlists on Spotify!