Saturday July 16, 2022

“Fake It” – Bar II



The sound takes me back to the late 2000s alt-rock sound that stormed the airwaves in my first few years as a blogger! I closed my eyes as I listened to “Fake It”, and it felt like 2008 in a good way!


Therefore, the latest single from Belgian alt-rock band, Bar II might be the secret to youth (or at least revisiting your youth).

“Not Me That’s Broken” – Audio Jacked

United Kingdom


Featuring American singer Jessie Wagner, “Not Me That’s Broken” is the latest single by UK-based artist, Audio Jacked and takes me back to mid-’90s dance music! If you’re not in the partying mood right now, hit “play” on the song, and that will change!

“Exit 17”- KellyMarie

McKinney, TX


Between her sweet voice, nostalgic lyrics, and soft, yet upbeat music, emerging pop artist, KellyMarie is here to stay!


Off her debut album “It Is My Album”, set to release on August 12, 2022, “Exit 17” is Texas-based artist, KellyMarie’s latest single, inspired by the hit television show, The Office!

“High” – Sxmsidy

United States


Sxmsidy is a French-born singer and musician who has spent many years residing in the U.S. and the UK.  He started playing drums at the age of seven and grew up with the desire to learn more about music theory. 
He wrote his first song while in elementary school, and started producing beats a few years later as a friend of the family introduced him to digital audio workstations. The rest is history!


Sxmsidy’s music differs from classic R&B or Pop with its recognizable dark vibe and the use of emotional pads or piano melodies. He blends different genres such as hip-hop/trap and R&B or Pop. 

“Right Place Wrong Guy” – Nykki

Czech Republic


“Right Place Wrong Guy” by rising Czech songstress, Nykki is relatable if you’ve ever been in a relationship with someone who {frustratingly} wasn’t on the same page as you. The sound: a dark, edgy pop and R&B hybrid, with heart-pounding beats paired with soft, sultry vocals. 


You can pretty much already see its end and you are finally being honest with yourself, which can be empowering,” explains Nykki, talking about the meaning behind the song. “I naturally always want to see the best in every situation. This is about that time when I just finally admitted it’s not gonna work and that’s also okay. I can only do serious relationships, that’s just how I’m built, so sorry not sorry to every guy who just wants to have fun!”