“Not Alive” by Ascendence is a powerful anthem of resilience, defying the odds and standing tall in the face of adversity. This electrifying song captures the essence of perseverance, reminding listeners that no matter how many arrows of criticism and doubt are thrown their way, they have the strength to soar above it all. Ascendence’s instrumental prowess shines through in every note, perfectly complementing Jordan Killcore’s captivating lead vocals that exude passion and determination. With Eric Jameson on bass, Jay Azoth and Jeffrey Alexander on guitars, and Matt McGilloway on drums, the band’s musical synergy is undeniable.


From the first chord to the final crescendo, “Not Alive” encapsulates the struggle to pursue one’s dreams amidst a world that often seems set on bringing them down. This track serves as a rallying cry for individuals facing relentless resistance and serves as a source of empowerment and solace. Ascendence beautifully portrays the toll that perseverance can take, emphasizing that while it may come at a hefty cost, the ultimate triumph is always within reach.


The song’s dynamic composition and thought-provoking lyrics resonate deep within the listener’s soul, inviting them to reflect on their own battles and to find strength in the face of adversity. Ascendence’s masterful instrumental arrangements create a captivating atmosphere that heightens the emotional impact of the lyrics, evoking a sense of determination and resilience that is palpable.


Ascendence, a Metalcore band hailing from Orlando, has once again struck gold with their latest single “Not Alive”. This captivating track boasts an energetic and lively vibe, combining a myriad of genres to create an unparalleled musical experience. With an infusion of Pop Rock vocals, Metal growls, powerful drum beats, haunting background vocal effects, and Electronic elements, Ascendence has crafted a signature sonic blend.


The ability of this fierce group to fearlessly explore different genres is what sets them apart. Ascendence effortlessly merges heavy aggression with infectious melodies, displaying their exceptional musicianship and song writing skills. The creative approach taken in “Not Alive” showcases their relentless passion for their craft and their determination to push the boundaries of their genre.

Listeners are treated to a dynamic, multi-layered composition that is brimming with flavours. Ascendence’s mastery in seamlessly blending various elements creates a mesmerizing and engaging experience throughout the song. Each component works harmoniously, resulting in a track that is both enthralling and addictive.


As Ascendence continues to rise to new heights, their unwavering connection with listeners becomes stronger than ever. With a reputation for fearlessly breaking genre barriers and a dedication to their craft, this band is poised to leave an indelible mark on the music scene. “Not Alive” serves as a testament to Ascendence’s exceptional talent and their ability to captivate audiences with their fresh and invigorating sound.


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