Looking for a laid-back, melodic Indie Pop track with a nostalgic late-’80s vibe that comes with a visually mesmerizing experience? Look no further than “Wendy” by Bad Veins. This enchanting song, accompanied by a captivating music video directed by Cat Rider, is sure to take you on a trip down memory lane, making you reminisce about a past love that may or may not have been real.


In the music video, you’ll find singer Ben Davis immersed in a sea of nostalgia as retro film clips play out like treasured memories on a wall behind him. These snippets portray the sweet and cherished moments he shared with his old flame, perfectly aligning with the soulful lyrics of “Wendy.”


Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, experimental indie-pop band Bad Veins is helmed by the eccentric and talented Ben Davis. A true indie-rock hermit, Ben finds solace in his attic, where he channels his creativity through a combination of vintage instruments, including a 1970s Mattel Optigan electronic organ, a trusty reel-to-reel recorder named “Irene,” and a timeless megaphone. After an eight-year hiatus, Bad Veins triumphantly returns to the music scene with their highly anticipated third album, “Imposter,” set to be released on December 1st through Dynamite Music. This record truly showcases the band’s evolution and may stand as Ben’s magnum opus.

What sets Bad Veins apart is their knack for subverting pop conventions. They offer a fresh take on classic pop songs, enveloping them in a fearless sonic landscape. Within their music, you’ll discover a fusion of synthetic woodwind and choir elements, lo-fi textures, gritty and raw instrumentations, infectious indie rock riffs, 1980s new wave synthesizers, and irresistible hooks that will linger in your mind long after the music stops. Furthermore, Bad Veins’ lyrics are beautifully abstract and open to interpretation, allowing listeners to create their own personal connection to the music. As Ben Davis eloquently states, when asked about the meaning behind his songs, “everyone’s interpretation is as valid as my own.”


Overall, “Wendy” by Bad Veins is a must-listen Indie Pop gem that effortlessly transports you back to the nostalgic vibes of the late ’80s. With its evocative visuals and captivating melodies, this track will undoubtedly ignite feelings of longing and introspection. Bad Veins’ return to the music scene with “Imposter” promises to be a momentous event, as they continue to push the boundaries of pop music and create a sound that is both timeless and cutting-edge.


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