“Battlefield” by Cevret delves deep into the realm of deception and self-deception, unraveling a profound exploration of the human psyche. Through heartfelt lyrics and a mélange of captivating musical elements, the song exposes the intricate web of falsehoods that surround the protagonist. The speaker’s raw vulnerability becomes apparent as they grapple with their inner demons and the aftermath of trauma. Despite feeling trapped, there is a profound awareness of the dishonesty permeating their surroundings and the profound impact it has on their perception.


This sonic masterpiece invites listeners on a tumultuous journey where truth fragments and falsehoods come alive. With its dynamic instrumentation, ranging from thunderous riffs to soaring melodies, “Battlefield” creates a sonic landscape that mirrors the internal battle being fought. The charismatic vocal delivery brings an additional layer of intensity, captivating the audience and ensuring an unforgettable experience.


Hailing from Zurich, Switzerland, Cevret showcases their innovative take on modern progressive metal. Through the skillful composition and meticulous production by Mattias Ohlsson at MO Metal Productions, the song seamlessly blends elements of various genres, resulting in a unique and compelling sound that transcends boundaries.

The music video for “Battlefield” further enhances the narrative, as it immerses viewers in a world of cinematic beauty. Directed by Canberk Çeliker and expertly captured by cinematographer Yusuf Can Özçevik, the music video perfectly complements the song’s themes, showcasing the protagonist’s struggle both physically and metaphorically.


With its thought-provoking lyrics, masterful composition, and immersive visuals, “Battlefield” by Cevret stands as a triumph in the realm of modern progressive metal. This captivating piece of art invites audiences to reflect on the complexities of human existence while being mesmerized by its enthralling sonic tapestry.


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