Black Tiger Sex Machine and Hairitage Collaborate Once Again with Hyro The Hero for an Epic Bass Masterpiece: "Mindstate"

Black Tiger Sex Machine once again teams up with Hairitage and Hyro The Hero to deliver a bass masterpiece in the form of their latest single, “Mindstate.” Building on the success of their previous hits, “Resistance” and “Cheatcode,” this track demonstrates the trio’s ability to consistently create impressive music.


As the third single from BTSM’s upcoming album PORTALS, “Mindstate” showcases the larger-than-life style that has become synonymous with their sound. The chemistry between the three acts continues to evolve, resulting in a headbanging anthem that has already captivated audiences and will undoubtedly do the same throughout the PORTALS tour.


With Hyro’s fierce bars seamlessly integrated with dynamic production and mind-blowing sound design, “Mindstate” emerges as the ultimate hype song for the Summer. The lyrics resonate with a raw intensity, delivering a compelling narrative that invites listeners to soak in the energy and adrenaline of the track.


The production on “Mindstate” is unparalleled, with each element crafted meticulously to create a sonic experience like no other. The bass hits hard, providing a solid foundation for the intricate layers of synths and samples that dance and intertwine throughout the song. The attention to detail in the sound design is evident, as every sound feels purposeful and contributes to the overall impact of the track.

What sets “Mindstate” apart is the seamless fusion of electronic music and rap. Hyro’s commanding delivery and powerful lyrics inject a dose of urgency and grit into the vibrant electronic landscape. The combination of heavy drops and rapid-fire verses creates a dynamic contrast that keeps the listener hooked from start to finish.


As a reviewer, it’s impossible not to acknowledge the sheer energy and excitement that “Mindstate” exudes. This single is a testament to the artistic growth and creativity of Black Tiger Sex Machine, Hairitage, and Hyro The Hero. They have once again pushed the boundaries of electronic music, crafting a track that is not only infectious but also showcases their undeniable talent.


“Mindstate” is a must-listen for any bass music enthusiast. It’s a high-energy, adrenaline-pumping anthem that showcases the unique chemistry between Black Tiger Sex Machine, Hairitage, and Hyro The Hero. With its powerful lyrics, dynamic production, and captivating sound design, this track solidifies their status as masters of their craft. Don’t miss out on the electrifying experience that is “Mindstate.”


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