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Wednesday November 24, 2021

Have you ever scrolled through a Facebook group you’ve joined to check if it’s worth staying in, and wind up clicking on a random music video just to find a gem? That’s exactly what happened when I found out about American electro-metal band, Penny Billionaires!


The duo consists of Greg Jacks (formerly of multi-platinum, Grammy /MTV/NRJ Award-winning band, Superbus) and Phoenix, AZ prodigy, Evan Berg. The two met when Berg wrote electronic pop songs and was playing shows around the Phoenix area. Jacks was set to tour Europe for Superbus when the pandemic shut the world down, leaving the duo to write songs together while in quarantine.

Penny Billionaires (L-R): Greg Jacks & Evan Berg

Mixing elements of electronic music and metal, Penny Billionaires released their single “BRKDWN” less than two months after dropping their first single “Awoken”, which has charted at #5 in October and got placed on hundreds of Spotify playlists.


The band (co-produced by Jeremy Parker who mixed and produced bands such as Slipknot, Disturbed, Evanescence, Godsmack, Mudvayne, respectively) is planning to release a single every six weeks as a lead-up to their album release in April 2022 and promote their upcoming album on tour throughout 2022.

The aggressive energy in both singles Penny Billionaires has released so far, they’re absolutely perfect for your workout playlists! The “BRKDWN” video appropriately has a fun workout theme to it! 


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*Both “Awoken” and “BRKDWN” are added to my “HEAVY” playlist on Spotify