Friday May 6, 2022

“Chill Tunes” on Spotify is the playlist I listen to the most while working. Instead of just sharing the playlist, I’ve decided to highlight 5 songs that will be in the rotation for the next month or so, depending on how I feel at the time. Sometimes I dig listening to tunes every day for weeks – or years! 

BABYDOLL – Ari Abdul

New York, NY


Ari Abdul has that classic, mellow, indie rock voice I vibe with (think Feist meets Olivia Rodrigo). Along with the chill, electro pop beats, this version of “Babydoll” will definitely remain on my playlist for a while! I’ve heard a slowed-down version of the single on YouTube, and various other remixes! “Babydoll” is one of those songs that can be remixed into different genres and still sound fantastic!

“Stay” – Kerria

United Kingdom


This R&B tune digs deep into a personal time in Kerria‘s life where she grew up in a ab*sive household and an absent father. She wrote this song while picturing her younger self next to her, as the lyrics say “Things really do get better”. Kerria hopes this song will empower others currently living in similar situations to never lose hope. You can actually hear the emotion and the pain in Kerria’s voice as she sings about this topic.

SOMETHING, AT LEAST – James Chelliah

United Kingdom


When I received the pitch, I was trying to figure out how on Earth I’m supposed describe this song better than the artist… I really couldn’t. So, incoming quote:


“This song smells like a familiar carpet, coated in coffee stains and old sock scents; its ambience is that of the rooms we’ve been sitting in, watching tv, like prison cells; and it feels like telling yourself that you love change, self-development and pain for the betterment of the future. it’s about gradually, reluctantly accepting that there can be a route to peace in the acceptance of the different reality thrust upon us in the last 20 months. or not. I cannot tell, I do not know.”- James Chelliah


It’s definitely a comfort song that we’ll be playing decades from now!


The last line in his quote is a nod to the album entitled I Cannot Tell. I Do Not Know, which you can stream -here-

“Dear Alcohol” – Dax



Due to currently having over 12 million views on YouTube, this song by Dax, which is about battling an alcohol problem is clearly relatable to many! The cycle of being stressed, self-medicating through booze, feeling worse afterwards, just to do it all over again to feel better.. yeah. Alcohol is a depressant. Definitely focus on healing and problem solving without reaching for the bottle. Alcohol can be cool for celebratory occasions when you’re not drowning in issues or stress. Alcohol solves nothing. 

SHADOWS- The Haunted Youth



This single by The Haunted Youth falls into the “new nostalgia” type of songs I’ve really been digging. It paints a picture of the early 2000s, listening to indie pop with your lover, sipping red wine, sharing a smoke, making art in a motel in the middle of nowhere. Just to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life for a second. For me, anyway.