Have you ever experienced the intense desire to be constantly by someone’s side, showering them with affection as if you’re addicted to their love? While loving someone deeply is a wonderful feeling, it is important to allow space for both individuals to maintain their autonomy. Doing so not only strengthens the bond between you two, but also offers more opportunities for meaningful conversations, helps sustain mutual interest, and keeps the relationship fresh.


“Hold On” is an invigorating song by CLKWRK, an exceptional rock band hailing from the United Kingdom. With its infectious rhythm, captivating guitar solo, and powerful vocals, this anthem revolves around the idea of holding onto something or someone that provides grounding and clarity. The vocalist expresses the occasional need to release their pent-up emotions through vocal outbursts, emphasizing the significance of their passion and the constant fuel it requires to thrive. Overall, the track beautifully explores the delicate balance between holding on and letting go, while underscoring the value of finding someone or something that brings solace and understanding during trying times.

CLKWRK is a band renowned for their unique musical approach, blending blues and rock with electronic elements. What sets them apart is their live creation of every sound, whether electronic or organic. With guitars, live electronic drums, and effects, they bring their synths and electronic sounds to life without relying on laptops, sequences, or pre-recorded components. Through their extraordinary compositions, they successfully emulate machines while remaining undeniably human.


Overall, “Hold On” by CLKWRK is a compelling song that captures the essence of holding onto what grounds and inspires us, even amidst life’s challenges. CLKWRK’s innovative and live sound creation technique sets them apart as a band dedicated to pushing the boundaries of music.


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