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Monday December 14, 2020

colby peters cloudless music
Photo: That Chick Krys

Sometimes you listen to the lyrics of a song and they get you thinking about living with expectations or even making a mindset shift. Cali Dreamin’ by Cloudless feat. James Klynn has done that to me recently. Hailing from Orlando, FL, these artists have written an inspiring tune- one that we need, especially these days.


It’s been over a year since I’ve done an artist interview, but the lyrics and the music video struck a chord in me so much at this point in my life, that I’ve decided to come back with an artist interview on my YouTube channel, starting off with singer/drummer Colby Peters of CloudlessGalia Social, and Eliot and the Evening Noose!

If you’re expecting this interview to consist of a lot of “So, what inspired you to get into making music?” kind of questions, definitely toss that expectation out!

Check out the two-part interview, and the official music video for Cali Dreamin’ below!