Thursday October 27, 2022

“Metamorphisis” – Adam Wilson

Los Angeles, CA


Chicago-raised, LA-based singer/ songwriter/ producer, Adam Wilson possesses his own musical style: it’s not just R&B with hip-hop, but there’s a bit of electronic, and a hint of 1960’s soul. 

Adam Wilson has released an EP (Dear So & So, 2017), a full-length, self-produced album (Dreams, 2018), a self-produced EP (Awake, 2021), & a 2-track EP (Vivid, 2022). Always maintaining his integrity & authenticity, he strives to inspire love & to make music that leaves a positive impact on the world.


“Metamorphisis” has been added to my “Summer Vibes” and “Wanderlust” playlists on Spotify!

“Flow” – Absyte

United States

This song is defines the sound of a Hip-Hop / Conscious Hip-Hop, Jazz Fusion song! 

“Flow is a story of love after challenge. Sometimes people fall in love after they have completed inner work to become ready for each other. The issues that led to the challenges only seem to make the couple stronger as the woman in this song helps her man see that love is not always easy but it can be forever if you work at it. Each had things to fix about the other, when they “bridged that” so to speak, they left all the old baggage behind to find the beauty in each other again feeling free to explore each other and their new found healing – while seeing the world together, sunset beaches, better times sometime comes after turbulence and truly leaving the issues holding each other back behind while simply letting it flow to love.” -Absyte


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“Addicted” – Clara Lars

Los Angeles, CA


An anthemic, easy-to- listen-to song, paired with a well-directed, aesthetic video!


Clara’s deeply personal, relatable lyrics draw inspiration from her journals and life experiences. Her moody, haunting songs are an outlet for her anxiety and her thoughts. For Clara, the process of writing is both confessional and observational, with lyrics that resonate well beyond her 16 years.


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“Casino” – JW Francis

New York City, NY


We all love uplifting, inspiring stories – and NYC-based artist, JW Francis brings it in his single “Casino”, which is about turning your dreams into a reality!


“This song is about taking a gamble on myself as a musician, quitting my job, and living the life I want to be living. The video explores the two lives I was living before I got the opportunity to follow my dreams and doing music full time.” JW explains.


“Casino” has been added to my “Summer Vibes” and “Wanderlust” playlists on Spotify!

“Drain On”  –  SCY



A dark, moody, atmospheric, glitchy, industrial alt-metal tune about letting go and draining away by Australian band, SCY!  Early Deftones fans would love this!


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“Doggg runnn” – Jan flu



“This film has a different approach from our previous works, with a storyline about a “dog” and acting and directing by the band members themselves. It is a “kitschy, pop, comical psychedelic video work” that conveys the concept of “Jan flu” correctly, and we hope that many people will see it.” – Jan flu


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“Teen Pop Sensation”  – poptropicaslutz! & aldrich

United States


Hyperpunk duo, poptropicaslutz!, continue their meteoric rise with the release of “TEEN POP SENSATION” – the focus track from their deluxe EP just in case the worlds ends. The video follows the band as they traverse the United States on their first headline tour, and spread their unique brand of infectious hysteria and nostalgic alternative music.


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“Kite In The Clouds” – Marsha Bartenetti

United States


This American songstress always brings the whimsical, Broadway sound in her tunes! With lyrics such as “There’s a kite in the clouds/Birds making sounds/A train passing by/
Under the warm summer sky/The wind as still as a sigh”,
“Kite In The Clouds” is the wholesome Broadway type of song we need!


In this new jazz single by Marsha Bartenetti, the vocalist’s nostalgic and ragtime-influenced accompaniment reminds us of a time gone by, leaving us with optimism and hope and that nothing really changes in your heart even when you say “goodbye.”

McNealy wrote “Kite In The Clouds” in fond remembrance of her father. The cut is a bright-eyed carnival ride that soft shoes to ragtime piano and whimsical percussion.


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“Falling By The Wayside” – Paul Mac Innes



I come across many great singers with distinctive voices, but Swedish vocalist and songwriter, Paul Mac Innes brings his own unique flair to that classic Motown sound in his single “Falling By The Wayside”! It’s a catchy, feel-good song, and you can really feel he felt every lyrics he sung while in the studio! An artist to watch!


Singer Paul Mac Innes and producer Mattias Axelsson share a great love for the timeless Motown sound, which led them to write “Falling by the Wayside” some time before the pandemic. The song was put on hold. But at a live performance they chose to perform the song and then understood that the time had come to record this track for real. They booked the new studio Skeppet in Gothenburg and brought along a some of the city’s best musicians. 
He has been heard with and featured on projects by and with the likes of gospel legend Andraé Crouch, The Bamboos, Cool Million, Yukimi (of Little Dragon), and more. Paul has previously released his own musical wares via the “Soul Togetherness” compilation, and on Tokyo Dawn Records, P-vine Records, Sundae Soul and Mukatsuku Records. 


“Falling By The Wayside” has been added to my “Summer Vibes” and “Wanderlust” playlists on Spotify!

“Problem” – Jacob Hardesty

United States


The vibe in this tune screams beach party! I know half of the world is experiencing the change into colder weather, but this alt-rock song by Jacob Hardesty will make you want to have a backyard barbecue or something (sonically, it definitely takes me back to early 2000s barbecues). Fans of bands like illScarlett will love this song!



“Problem” has been added to my “Summer Vibes” and “Wanderlust” playlists on Spotify!