Sunday August 14, 2022


You know when people around you are quick to offer the usually unsolicited advice of “Live your dreams!” or “Go for your goals!” but then resent you when you actually do the damn thing? The frustrating cycle of never being able to please these types of people. You’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t. 


Orlando-based post-hardcore band, Dark Divine has released their single “Circles”, which encapsulates this scenario. From the lyrics, to the rollercoaster of emotions expressed through singer, Anthony Martinez’s strong vocal range, I guarantee you would get your frustrations out by singing along!


“This song is a testament to those unwilling to watch their life pass them by and truly break free from the mold.” – Dark Divine on “Circles”

When I first hit “play”, I thought this was going to be among the hundreds of bands out there that are strongly inspired by Breaking Benjamin (a band I grew up listening to), then 25 seconds in, enter the Kinder Surprise of being dead wrong. I can try to compare Dark Divine to other bands, but I would be listing like 30 bands! Therefore, they have their own distinctive sound, stylistically merging various rock subgenres into the neat package that is Dark Divine. 


I love how the song gets progressively heavier, then they drop a catchy, more ‘mainstream’ sounding chorus into the mix! 


If I were to describe Dark Divine to a music-loving friend: they’re the whole package- a fresh new sound that can still fit in with their peers in the rock scene. Image-wise: marketable; very approachable but just enough of that ‘too cool to talk to them’ energy that looks absolutely dope on camera. They definitely bridge musical gaps we didn’t know were there!


This is a band to keep your eyes and ears peeled for! Follow Dark Divine on Spotify, TikTok, Instagram and Twitter!


“Circles” has been added to my “Summer Vibes” and “Heavy” playlists on Spotify!