Dave Belding, an artist hailing from Long Island, New York, has unleashed his latest creation, “Expiry”. This captivating piece takes listeners on a gripping journey filled with twists and turns that culminate in a dramatic finale. By delving deep into the depths of introspection, Belding invites us to contemplate our own lives and the desire to leave a lasting impression on the world. However, he acknowledges the inevitability of our legacy fading with each passing generation, an unsettling but undeniably true reality.


With roots in the hard rock genre, Belding’s musical endeavors reflect his current creative direction. Having previously founded the band Echo Chamber, Belding experienced the thrill of collaboration and cherished the strong bond formed between bandmates. Although the band eventually disbanded due to scheduling conflicts, Belding remained determined to continue his musical journey. Recognizing the challenges of keeping a band together, he made the bold decision to embark on a solo project.


The transition to a solo artist presented new hurdles for Belding. Previously equipped with a home studio, his path took an unexpected turn when fatherhood beckoned. An unforeseen event further impeded his progress, as a hurricane ravaged his studio, leaving destruction in its wake. Undeterred by these setbacks, Belding persevered and dedicated an entire year to rebuilding his sanctuary of creativity.

The trials and tribulations of this journey are palpable in Belding’s music. Channeling raw emotion, he pours his heart and soul into every composition, unapologetically embracing dark moods. As a solo artist, Belding relishes the freedom to fully express himself, yet he acknowledges the increased workload that comes with this newfound independence. From writing and arranging music to playing and recording all the instruments, he takes on multiple roles with unwavering passion and conviction.


While the road may be arduous, Belding finds joy and fulfilment in the pursuit of his artistic vision. “Expiry” stands as a testament to his unwavering dedication and serves as a compelling narrative that captivates both the artist and the listener. With each note and lyric, Belding shares a piece of his soul, inviting us to join him on this extraordinary musical voyage.


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“Expiry” has been added to my “Heavy”  and- Wanderlust” ,  playlists on Spotify!