Saturday July 16, 2022

Over a decade ago, I randomly stumbled upon a Los Angeles-based rap artist via a Facebook music promoting page and interviewed him for Jamsterdam Radio. Today -on my own platform- I got the chance to interview DizzyStylz as a synthwave artist! 


K: I remember when you first emerged on my radar over a decade ago, you were a hip-hop artist. What inspired you to cross over into the synthwave genre?


D: There were a few things that inspired me to make synthwave music. The 80’s has always been my favorite era of music, over any other period. I’ve also always had a thing for electronic music, having produced EDM and dubstep tracks as well during my musicianship. I have never thought of myself as a strong singer. However, through years of practice I have become able to work with and tolerate my singing voice more and more. All these factors are a few things that led me to finding a new home within the synthwave genre.


K: Love the growth mentality! I would consider you an artistic chameleon, as I feel you blend in well with every musical style you’ve produced, while simultaneously standing out! Who or what inspires you, artistically?

D: I have always found inspiration in abstract places, I listen to a lot of musical composers and movie scores/soundtracks. I can honestly attribute my inspiration a lot more to movie soundtracks than other artists within my genre although I cannot claim that I have not been inspired by my peers as well.
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K: What instruments do you play?


D: No classical/traditional training under my belt but I do play guitar and piano.


K: Describe your creative process.


D: Most of my work starts with creating the music, once I have created something that resonates with me I begin to chisel it into a vision and define it kind of like sculpting. There is a point where I have created to an extent where I understand if the track will have lyrics or not and I usually finalize the song in the desired direction from there. The music usually starts with the bassline and a chord progression, and the lyrics will often start with a chorus.

K: If you could collaborate with any artist of any genre beside your own, who would they be and why?

D: I would definitely like to collaborate with Childish Gambino- the music that he creates is always very different and audibly I think it always sounds very cool. He seems like an artist that’s not boxed into one specific sound. Which appeals massively to myself as a musician.


K: That sounds like the perfect collab! Did you come from a musical family? If so, who plays what?


D: My upbringing was not inherently musical, I think it was just that music (listening) was just so prominent throughout my childhood that I developed a greater affinity for it. Music has always spoke to me and I believe that’s the main reason I chose to pursue it. 

K: Your music is very well-received, especially by your 102 K followers on Instagram. What was the best compliment on your music that you’ve received thus far?


D: Wow, that’s a tough question. I really think the amount of people who follow me and how well my music is received with my audience is the biggest compliment. However, there was a young fan (about 8 years old) at an all-ages show I did recently that said my music “sounded like a rocket ship video game”, which was a pretty cool compliment to get as well. 

K: Ah! That’s an awesome compliment! Any shout-outs?

D: I’d like to give a shout out to all the fans, and friends who support my music and love listening to the new stuff I put out. I wanna give a big shout out to all those who reciprocate support in the synthwave genre. Honorable mentions “The Bad Dreamers” and “New Arcades” who recently helped me out with some advice, “Tyler Garrett” for always showing love and reposting my content, and of course you “Krys” for always supporting me and being in my corner and coming to me with all sorts of opportunities! You are amazing! 


K: Any time! It’s fantastic to witness how you’ve evolved as an artist over the years! Looking forward to seeing/hearing more! Thank you for your time!


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