Vancouver-based Melodic Hard Rock Band, EightOneSix, has recently released their latest single, “Fall”. With a powerful and raw ’90s Rock vibe, the song showcases the incredible vocal stylings of seasoned Canadian singer/songwriter, Brad Pedwell, who effortlessly captures the essence of the genre. Accompanying Pedwell’s mesmerizing vocals are Justin Lacey on guitar, Sean Jmaeff on drums, and Chris Payne on bass, demonstrating their impeccable musicianship.


“Fall” resonates with listeners on multiple levels, as the lyrics may come off as tapping into anything from miscommunication in relationships, leading to the downfall, to the frustrations that arise from not being heard by those who disagree with your political views. The lyrics are thoughtfully crafted, allowing for personal interpretation, and inviting listeners to connect with the music on a deeper level. EightOneSix’s ability to encapsulate such complex emotions within their music is a testament to their songwriting prowess.



The band’s name, EightOneSix, holds a special meaning as it pays homage to the house in which they formed, instilling a sense of authenticity and closeness among the band members. Drawing inspiration from popular acts like Three Days Grace, Shinedown, and Breaking Benjamin, EightOneSix infuses an aggressive guitar-driven hard rock sound into their music, creating an energy that is both captivating and compelling.

With their debut single, “Fall”, already making waves on the music scene, EightOneSix is gearing up to release their highly anticipated full album, titled ‘East 12th’. The album, mixed and mastered by the talented Tim Creviston, promises to be a stunning showcase of the band’s talent and musicality.


The accompanying music video for “Fall” is a visual delight, directed by the visionary Steve Opong. Filmed at The Jamnasium, located in Vancouver BC, the video perfectly complements the raw intensity of the song, further enhancing the overall listening experience.


Overall, EightOneSix’s “Fall” is an impressive display of their melodic hard rock sound, combining powerful vocals, skillful musicianship, and emotionally charged lyrics. With their upcoming album on the horizon, EightOneSix is a band to watch, as they continue to carve their path in the rock music scene.


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