Enemy Within's "Bed Of Lies": Unleashing an Electrifying Fusion of Hardcore Rock and Electronic Energy

Enemy Within, a fiercely talented 4-piece hailing from Brighton, have set out on a powerful mission. Their intention? To bombard your senses with an electrifying combination of heavy crushing riffs, aggressively raw vocals, and hard-hitting beats that will leave you reeling.


In the realm of “Hard Rock,” Enemy Within bring an enticing twist, drawing inspiration from the sonically charged sounds of Nova Twins, The Prodigy, and Enter Shikari, while also incorporating the thunderous hardcore tones reminiscent of Stray From The Path, While She Sleeps, and Bring Me The Horizon. It’s a unique fusion that breathes new life into the genre.


Nostalgia courses through the veins of this talented foursome, paying homage to the rock pioneers of the early 2000s. Echoes of Linkin Park, System Of A Down, Korn, and Slipknot can be heard subtly woven throughout their music, solidifying their appreciation for the iconic sounds that shaped the genre.

However, it is with their debut single, ‘Bed Of Lies,’ that Enemy Within truly unleash their sonic might. The track is an explosive force from the very first note, driven by a pulsating drum and bass beat, accompanied by thunderous guitars and hostile vocals that reverberate through every fiber of your being. The lyrics delve deep, offering a personal tale of mistrust, as frontman Howard Kaye bares his angry heart for all to hear.


Kaye fearlessly states, “I have absolutely no issues with airing my dirty laundry and outing people through our music. I just hope that the people I wrote these songs about get to hear them. No-one is safe.” With this bold declaration, Enemy Within sends a clear message that their music is not only a medium for their expression but also a tool for making a profound impact.


Enemy Within’s presence in the rock scene is a breath of fresh air. Their ability to infuse electronic elements with hardcore intensity, all while paying tribute to their influences, sets them apart. With the release of ‘Bed Of Lies,’ they demonstrate their unrelenting passion and commitment, delivering an electrifying experience that demands to be heard. Enemy Within is a force to be reckoned with and an exhilarating addition to the rock landscape.


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