“Everglow” by Horror Dance Squad, a metalcore band hailing from Estonia, encapsulates the powerful message that regardless of one’s actions and character, everyone will eventually find solace and unity in a radiant source of love and enlightenment known as the “everglow.” This captivating composition explores the concept of death as a gateway from the physical realm to a higher plane of existence, with the potential for redemption and rebirth. The lyrical journey presented in the song also delves into the idea of truth, highlighting the transient nature of earthly existence as a period of agony before attaining liberation.


Inspired by Bruce Greyson M.D.’s enlightening book “After,” which unearths striking similarities between near-death experiences described by individuals from various religious, spiritual, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds, “Everglow” paints a vivid picture of the overwhelming sensations shared by those who have faced such profound encounters. These individuals unanimously recount a profound sense of unconditional love, forgiveness, and acceptance emanating from their otherworldly experiences.


Ian Karell, one of the band’s vocalists, elaborates on this concept, revealing that the notion of walking into a radiant light is precisely what most people who have undergone a near-death experience encounter. The stage was set with Karl’s initial recordings, including the captivating chorus “into the everglow,” which seamlessly complemented the collective vision the band had for the song. Karell’s immersion in Greyson’s book during the finalization of the lyrics offered an instant clarity, shaping the band’s artistic direction.

Horror Dance Squad, comprising Karl Mesipuu and Ian Karell on vocals, Mikk Peetrimägi and Indrek Ulp on guitars, and Henri Kuusk on drums, skillfully bring “Everglow” to life with their unique blend of musical prowess and emotional depth. Recorded at Studio89 with the expertise of Mikk Peetrimägi, Sander Sadam, and Rauno Avel, the song’s production by Federico Ascari impeccably captures the raw intensity and melodic enchantment. Ascari’s meticulous mixing and mastering further elevates the overall sonic experience.


Accompanying this powerful composition is a visually stunning music video executed by director/producer Polina Yakyan. With its enthralling editing and visual effects crafted by Henri Kuusk and Karl Mesipuu, the video enhances the song’s captivating essence. The cinematography by Mart Vares, skillful lighting supervision by Nikita Kurashev, and the artistic flair of graffiti artist Daniil Logovoi contribute to the immersive journey presented within the music video. The meticulous attention to detail by the entire production team, including 1AC Ardi Ossaar and makeup artist Mari-Liis Egorov, adds an extra layer of brilliance to this artistic masterpiece.


Overall, “Everglow” by Horror Dance Squad is an awe-inspiring musical odyssey that delivers a profound message of hope, resilience, and transcendence. With its emotive lyrics, expert musicianship, and visually captivating music video, this metalcore gem offers a deeply moving experience that is sure to resonate with listeners long after the final notes fade away.


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