Eyes Like Midnight, the debut single by American Metalcore band, portrays the theme of feeling lost in today’s society driven by technology. The song presents the idea of humans worshiping and relying on technology as if it were a deity, disregarding the simpler aspects of life. The concept of the “digital deity” symbolizes the control and power that technology has over humanity. Through its lyrics, the song suggests that we are blinded by the advancements of technology, leading us towards our own downfall. As we gaze at fabricated skies, we willingly deceive ourselves and bring about our own demise. The underlying message of the lyrics serves as a warning about the potential dangers and consequences of blindly embracing and depending on technology.


Written by Robert Cosgrove, Keegan McDonald, and Chris Dawson, the debut single provides an introspective look into the dark side of our technology-driven world. Engineered and produced by Chris Dawson, the song exudes a powerful and captivating sound. Mastered by Mike Kalajian, the song’s raw intensity is brought to life. Not only does the music capture the essence of the lyrics, but the accompanying video created by J.T. Ibanez enhances the visual experience.

Eyes Like Midnight features Robert Cosgrove on vocals, Tristin Paz on bass, Kaylynn Sammy on guitar, and Christian Boles on drums. Each member brings their exceptional talent to create a harmonious blend of heavy and melodic soundscapes. The band’s unity is evident as they craft a compelling and thought-provoking musical journey.


In this era of rapid change and dynamic evolution, Eyes Like Midnight emerges as an innovative force that breaks free from traditional constraints. After the dissolution of vocalist/songwriter Robert Cosgrove’s previous band, Sleep Signals, a new and noteworthy project was born. Recording 15 new songs at Aphiotic Studios in rural Kansas, Robert and his co-writers explored new sonic territories, allowing for a more diverse and dynamic musical expression.


Eyes Like Midnight marks the dawn of a captivating era, where innovation and creativity intertwine. With their powerful lyrics and captivating sound, Eyes Like Midnight serves as a pivotal reminder to reevaluate our relationship with technology and the potential consequences of blindly embracing its advancements.


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