FAZERunner’s “SUPERNOVA” takes its inspiration from a captivating visual concept: two lovers floating in space, their gaze locked adoringly. The track aims to transport listeners into this otherworldly experience. With its dreamy vocals, celestial synthesizers, and infectious dance beats, “SUPERNOVA” is a mesmerizing Progressive House production that immerses you in a fantastical realm. It’s as if you can feel yourself soaring among the stars, embraced by the infinite cosmos. FAZERunner’s artistry shines through in this ethereal masterpiece, providing an enchanting escape from reality. Prepare to be carried away on a celestial journey like no other with “SUPERNOVA.”


FAZERunner, the moniker of American electronic artist Jeff Harrison from Atlanta, GA, has embarked on a musical journey that culminated in his latest project, FR. With a focus on synthesizers and music production, FR represents the pinnacle of Jeff’s evolution as an artist. The debut EP, ‘Ex Synthetica’ released in 2020, draws inspiration from the bold and captivating soundtracks of 80s video games, while subsequent releases such as ‘Lights Out’ and ‘Fantasm Metabolism’ showcase Jeff’s refined production style.


The ‘FR EP’ in 2022 sees FR taking a more targeted approach to song building by incorporating previously recorded drum tracks. The result is a collection of tracks, including ‘spacewalk,’ that are rich in compression and reverb.

A serendipitous encounter led to the collaboration between FAZERunner and rising Atlanta artist K8PANEK, resulting in the captivating masterpiece ‘SUPERNOVA.’ This synth-driven track depicts two lovers floating in space, their eyes locked as they navigate through the stars. Its mesmerizing soundscapes invite listeners to experience the same enchanting feeling.


Looking ahead, FAZERunner is now focused on creating his highly anticipated debut album, promising to chart a course to the unknown, transporting audiences to new musical realms. In summary, FAZERunner’s musical evolution and innovative soundscapes make him an artist to watch out for in the electronic music scene.


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