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Monday February 7, 2022

Chris Watts Fire Follows

I believe music has the power to shift your energy. When I first heard the brand new rap/rock tune,  “Crimson Rose” by Colorado-based rock band, Fire Follows, I was half-asleep and it totally woke me up – great, energetic tune and Emily Gould on drums is beyond killer! The sound has a bit of something for everyone: in the forefront, a blend of nu-metal/rock/rap, with sweet piano melodies right before the anthemic breakdown! LOVE multi-tempo tunes!


I let YouTube autoplay as I work, discovering previous singles from Fire Follows, and stumbled upon “If It’s War You Want”, which I’m going to add to my “Heavy” Spotify playlist, accompanying “Crimson Rose”, among many other great heavy tunes! 


The band is made up of Chris Watts (Vox/Guitar/Keys), Tim Yunker (Vox/Rap) and Emily Gould (Drums). “Crimson Rose” was mastered by Maor Appelmaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering, and mixed by Kellen Mcgregor of Memphis May Fire. The video was produced by Jason Leeper at Kreation Films.


Frontman, Chris Watts has been in the studio, cooking up new music, so give the band a follow to be the first in the know when they drop the upcoming singles!

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