Feeling the February slump and craving an infusion of energy? Look no further than Gabrielle Ornate’s latest single, “Enchantress Of Sound”. Combining Hard Rock elements with captivating Pop-style vocals, this UK artist delivers an empowering anthem that will uplift your spirits.


“Enchantress of Sound” by Gabrielle Ornate is a fearless proclamation of strength and self-empowerment. Its mesmerizing melodies and haunting soundscapes draw you in, immersing you in a euphoric state of pure bliss. Ornate effortlessly intertwines ethereal poetry with catchy pop hooks and powerful rock instrumentation, embodying the essence of female empowerment and introspection. From the hypnotic drum patterns and pulsating synths to the captivating guitar solos and infectious riffs that reverberate in your mind, Ornate’s supernatural sound captivates with unwavering confidence.

With “Enchantress of Sound”, Gabrielle Ornate establishes herself as an artist to watch out for. Critics and industry insiders have taken notice, with Tom Robinson from BBC Radio 6 praising Ornate’s talent and confidently declaring her name one to remember. This song marks a bold step forward in Ornate’s career, showcasing her exceptional musical prowess and distinctive artistic vision.


Overall, “Enchantress of Sound” by Gabrielle Ornate is a powerhouse single that deftly combines the best of Hard Rock and Pop elements, leaving listeners entranced and empowered. Ornate’s captivating vocals and undeniable charisma make this track an instant favorite for those seeking a musical escape from the dullness of February. Keep an eye on Gabrielle Ornate – her star is on the rise, and we can expect great things from her in the future.


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“Enchantress Of Sound” has been added to my “Summer Vibes“, and Wanderlust” ,  playlists on Spotify!