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Monday September 27, 2021


Have you ever felt engulfed in negative self-talk when shit hits the fan, allowing a “cyclical domino effect” in the manifestation of MORE shit hitting the fan, leading you to endless episodes of ruminating in that negativity? With lyrics like “Save me, locked in a cage, and I can’t get out, my world is a wasteland”, Miami-based hard rock band, GEARS has released “Wasteland” for you to sing along to- I swear it will be therapeutic and can help break out of that mental prison!


The single was produced and engineered by Chris Dawson; co-produced by Jimmy Beattie;  mixed by Chris Dawson at Aphotic Studios and mastered by Mike Kalajian at Rogue Planet Mastering.

The performance music video (by JT Ibanez) takes place in a metaphorical jail cell, representing your mind in the midst of a rumination cycle.


You may recognize these guys from previous collaborations such as “Cult of Personality” with Corey Glover of Living Color and on “Tango Yankee” with  Sevendust frontman, Lajon Witherspoon and Sevendust guitarist, Clint Lowery as well as collaborations with Corey Lowery [Seether] and Troy McLawhorn [Evanescence]!


GEARS consists of Trip Sixx (vocals), Jimmy Wooten (drums), Josh Routt (bass), and Max Carrillo (guitar), respectively.

After perusing their released singles, I believe the multidimensional sound that defines GEARS can appeal to the masses, no matter what genre you’re into.


“There’s something for everyone. It’s heavy. It’s soulful. It’s melodic. The band’s versatility is our strength. We’ll bring R&B and hip-hop into rock, but we’re doing it in our own tight and cohesive way.” says GEARS drummer, Jimmy Wooten. I would have to agree with him!


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*Added to my “HEAVY” playlist on Spotify!