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Thursday March 17, 2022

Photo: @erinblackwoodphotography L-R: Chris Gray and Ian Blackwood

You know those tunes that immediately grab you with the melody that takes you to the beginning of a summer road trip, so you play it on loop to feel like you’re in your own Netflix original series? The debut single, “I’ll Be Seeing You” by Canadian folk rock duo, Gray & Black had that effect on me!


I’ve been listening to the single on loop because I was trying to figure out the actual meaning of the lyrics, but then realized it could be one of those songs that can be perceived differently, depending on your mood. I could have just asked for more information about the song, but I feel the beauty of it is enhanced by its mystery.

With lyrics like “all my darkness comes when I close my eyes / I’ll be seeing you in the next life”, it could be a mean a person with a generally sunny disposition having dark moments only when they fall sleep, and waking up brings a fresh start in a new day, hence “the next life”. It could also take on a darker meaning, which would bestow a “yin-yang contrast” to the light, cinematic feeling of the musical arrangement. 


Overall, “I’ll Be Seeing You” could also make you miss someone you fell in love with who you’ve never had a romantic encounter with. You’ve developed feelings, and have come to realize they have a totally separate life you don’t fit into at all. Enveloped in sadness, you try to kill off the feelings, salvage your broken heart (re: “digging up a broken heart”), try to sleep away the pain, to wake up to “the next life”, as in “the next chapter” without the feelings. 

Photo: @erinblackwoodphotography L-R: Chris Gray and Ian Blackwood

Gray & Black is made up of Chris Gray (formerly of The Black Maria), and Ian Blackwood (formerly of The Artist Life). Lyrics by Gray, produced and arranged by Blackwood, this duo joining creative forces is definitely going to make an impact with music lovers with the release of their upcoming EP “The Simple Life” on April 22, 2022. I had the privilege of previewing the songs off the EP, and without giving too much away: the dulcet harmonies, the deep lyrics, and the overall arrangements will make you feel like you’re in a movie. You’ll see why.


Gray and Black are scheduled to play on Friday April 22nd in Old Markham at the Live Real Factory! Details and tickets are on


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*”I’ll Be Seeing You” has been added to my “Chill Tunes” playlist on Spotify!