Hand of the Tribe, a hard rock band from Boston, has released their latest single “Here Again” along with a visually captivating music video. Produced by Erik Ron, known for his extraordinary work with world-famous bands, the single is bound to make a mark in the band’s successful career. The track showcases their dynamic sound and thought-provoking lyrics that resonate with listeners worldwide.


“Here Again” explores themes of introspection and the cyclical nature of emotions and relationships.  The lyrics capture a profound sense of being adrift and faded, as the narrator eloquently expresses their innermost thoughts and emotions. They find themselves constantly overlooked, yearning for a heartfelt apology. The recurring refrain of “Here we go again” serves as a poignant reminder of the repetitive nature of their experiences and circumstances. In essence, these lyrics delve into the themes of feeling invisible, eagerly awaiting recognition, and enduring a relentless cycle of repetition and disappointment.


The accompanying music video, directed and produced by Jim Foster at Red 13 Studios, perfectly complements the song’s intensity. It presents viewers with evocative imagery and mesmerizing performances that bring the song’s emotional depth to life, leaving fans captivated.

“Here Again” is not just a song; it’s a bold statement. With Erik Ron’s masterful production and Jim Foster’s visionary direction, Hand of the Tribe has created a musical and visual masterpiece that demands attention. Their raw energy and undeniable talent firmly establish “Here Again” as a testament to their prominent position within the hard rock genre.


This electrifying anthem invites listeners to immerse themselves in Hand of the Tribe’s world, where rock music is not merely heard but intensely felt. The single signifies their journey toward an even brighter future, inviting both long-time and new fans to join them on this exhilarating ride.


Hand of the Tribe, a distinguished heavy metal band from Boston with notable former members of Hourcast, has gained recognition through nationwide tours alongside iconic rock acts like Godsmack, Sevendust, and Volbeat, solidifying their position in the music scene.


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“Here Again” has been added to my “Heavy and Wanderlust”  playlists on Spotify!