Haphaz7ard, the talented music producer hailing from Sheffield, England, has just unveiled an incredible Dubstep gem entitled “In Flames”. This vibrant track showcases impeccable production quality, exuding a captivating energy that seamlessly oscillates between laid-back and dynamic. Boasting dulcet vocals and a meticulously crafted tempo, “In Flames” is a must-have addition to your party playlists.


Andrew Thiselton, widely known by his moniker Haphaz7ard, is a multi-faceted artist who has made waves in the music industry. With releases on esteemed labels like Rushdown, Silkenwood, and Backdoor, Haphaz7ard’s musical prowess knows no bounds. His creative process is a reflection of his aesthetic, traversing the realms of sound design, mixdowns, and melody writing. Throughout every stage of production, Haphaz7ard fearlessly embraces exploration and experimentation, constantly pushing the boundaries of his craft. Notably, his ability to innovate within the vibrant realm of Colour Bass sets him apart.

“In Flames” is truly a masterful creation that encapsulates Haphaz7ard’s boundless talent and dedication to his craft. Its infectious energy and expertly crafted elements will undoubtedly mesmerize listeners and leave them craving more. Prepare to be transported into the immersive sonic world crafted by Haphaz7ard and get ready to dance the night away with this extraordinary track.


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“In Flames” has been added to my “Summer Vibes“, and Wanderlust” ,  playlists on Spotify!