Wednesday June 8, 2022

“Far From The End” – Long Live The Lights

Houston, TX


The latest single from Houston-based rock band, Long Live The Lights sounds like it is a hopeful song about being in love, and wanting to stay and work it out, despite the toxicity in the union. 


If you dig bands like Bring Me The Horizon, A Day To Remember, and Story Of The Year, you’ll really dig Long Live The Lights! 


“Far From The End” has been added to my “Heavy” playlist on Spotify!

“The Lost, The Broken” – Spiritwaker

Chicago, IL


This song was originally written lyrically as a war story, but frontman, Sal felt it was disingenuous as it was a made up story. The final version of “The Lost, The Broken” we hear today is about an old friend and fellow singer who had taken her own life. A friend had shown Sal a phone recording of his late friend singing, and was overcome with sorrow. 


Instrumentally, the sound of “The Lost, The Broken” was inspired by bands such as A Day To Remember, Parkway Drive, and Killswitch Engage. 


“The Lost, The Broken” has been added to my “Heavy” playlist on Spotify!

“Malevolence” – Somber Skies

Staten Island, NY


Staten Island metalcore duo, Somber Skies have debuted with “Malevolance”- a song that paints a scene of extreme anxiety and depression is paired with mellifluous, atmospheric clean chorus vocals + aggressive, gutteral verses.


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“Isolation” – Die Another Day 



Another important mental health song: “Isolation” by Canadian metalcore band, Die Another Day, is about losing a loved one to their lost battle with depression. After realizing what the song is about as it progresses, the whaling guitar solo gave me chills and (to me), you just feel all the emotions from every band member through their playing.  


“Isolation” has been added to my “Heavy” playlist on Spotify!

“Dark Glow” – Pressures

Toronto, Canada


We hear many stories of struggles bands undergo on their journey to getting their names out there. Canadian metalcore band, Pressures is no different. With the personal losses of two of their vocalists in the midst of recording their debut EP, Amaliia (both who have contributed their stories lyrically), the remaining members of Pressures were inspired to continue to create music and touch down on tough topics. Like honoring what the former members would have wanted.


Their single “Dark Glow” sounds like it is about being in the state of rumination and eventually being fed up while in a relationship from hell, then breaking free from it. The raw emotion in the vocals and instrumentally in the song progression, down to the breakdown.. this is one of those songs you can sing along to if you relate and get your feelings right out!


“Dark Glow” has been added to my “Heavy” playlist on Spotify!