Friday September 16, 2022

“Ego Death” – Horror Dance Squad



Blending the genres of pop, punk and metalcore, Estonia’s most-talked-about modern metal band, Horror Dance Squad’s fresh sound, in the single, “Ego Death” is taking the world by storm! The single was co-written by Sander Sadam and mixed by Cody Stewart. 


The song is about self-surrender and transformation. Vocalist, Karl Mesipuu explains, “With this song we are exploring our inner selves and the way we interact with the world around us. We want to reflect on how we are living our lives and how to act with others to make ourselves better.”


Singer Ian Karell adds, “As I get older and take on new responsibilities in life, I recognise the importance of ensuring my actions are not rooted in selfishness. The ego is essentially selfish, so by killing the ego, or at least giving it a backseat, you are able to confidently pursue a more altruistic life.”


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“I’ll Blow Your Dreams Into The Sky” – Bobaflex

United States


American hard rock band, Bobaflex has unleashed their video for “I’ll Blow Your Dreams Into The Sky”, where the video depicts the unfortunate common issue of armed home invasions. The actors they got for this video are incredible, and it’s awesome to see Bobaflex is back! Most of the members have been touring these past few years under the band name, The Lonely Ones, who you’ve definitely seen if you’re an avid festival goer!


“I’ll Blow Your Dreams Into The Sky” has been added to my “Heavy” and “Wanderlust” playlists on Spotify!

“Waiting On The Sky To Change” – Starset x Judge & Jury x Breaking Benjamin

United States


If you’re a fan of Breaking Benjamin and Starset, chances are you’ve attended shows at their joint tour dates. Of course, this collaboration has been much-anticipated for fans! They have joined forces with hit producer, Howard Benson and Neil Sanderson (of Three Days Grace) under the moniker, Judge & Jury! The creative lyric video for the spic single takes you into a virtual journey through space.


“Waiting On The Sky To Change” is a message for all of those who are tired of searching for momentary refuge amidst a storm of destruction. Instead of accepting a fleeting moment of hope as a permanent solution, weather out the storm, and in time, turbulence will give way to hope. There is power in persistence, and this is our anthem to let everyone know they are strong enough to keep going because eventually, the skies will clear.”


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“My World” – AVOID

Seattle, WA


With a sound that redefines the “rap/metalcore” cross-genre, Seattle-based band, AVOID released their music video this year for “My World”! I dig the seamless transitions from rap to clean vocals and the whole band is made up of strong musicians! Definitely a band to see live if you get the chance!


“My World” has been added to my “Heavy” and “Wanderlust” playlists on Spotify!

“Fait Accompli” – Capital Theatre

Auckland, NZ


I love songs with seamless, powerful, clean vocal harmonies and a mainstream rock sound! The single “Fait Accompli” by New Zealand-based rock band, Capital Theatre has a distinct flavour and sound. The performance video’s editing is art in motion!


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“A Story Of Joy” – Kazuki Tokaji



I rarely share instrumentals anymore, but “A Story Of Joy” by Japan’s own Kazuki Tokaji is so clean and precise while still carrying the playful edge we all know and love in our favourite musicians! This group of musicians he’s playing with are all strong players and I am here for it! Kazuki started playing guitar at the age of 7, and has already played with accomplished artists such as Steve Vai and Marty Friedman!


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“Translucent” – Anova Skyway

Houston, TX


Two words: Big. Tune. The video for “Translucent” by Houston-based band, Anova Skyway is just as trippy as the sound of the song! The combo of the massive harmonies, and intensity of the music (that guitar solo!) leads me to believe they’re the type of band that has a whole catalogue of music like this they’re waiting to release, and this is just a strong beginning. A band to watch!


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“The Sound Of Not Being Enough” – Nightmares

Rochester, NY


Last, but not least: Rochester-based metalcore band, Nightmares brings the heat with thicc, chugging drums and bass, monumental vocals, and gritty guitar riffs. I love how dark and simple, yet powerful the music video is, as well!


After releasing two EPs (2011, 2013), the band took a break before their debut full length “After Death” (2020). Fronted by David Fox, with his low growls and vicious percussive delivery, speaking on themes of mental illness, religion, and general life situations. Backed by, fellow original members, Michael Bracci (guitar) and Anthony “Chachi” Mitchell (drums), as well as new members, Jesse Brooks (bass/clean vocals) and Jake DeVisser (guitar), their work continues to evolve while maintaining their integral sound.


“The Sound Of Not Being Enough” has been added to my “Heavy” and “Wanderlust” playlists on Spotify!