Are you currently facing a tumultuous period in your life where it feels like everything is going awry, to the extent that you’re struggling to catch your breath and find respite? Instead of succumbing to the urge to make regrettable choices, you decide to confront these challenges head-on, seeking solutions and embracing life to the fullest. An inspirational track that encapsulates this spirit is “Not Ready To Die” by Hyperdose, an American Hard Rock band. This mesmerizing song exhibits a melodic yet raw essence, expertly produced to invoke the reminiscent catchiness of early 2000s Hard Rock anthems.


Hyperdose, led by the former Blacklite District frontman Roman James, embody the prevailing archetype of contemporary hard rock, characterized by aggressive soundscapes and sudden melodic twists. Their upcoming EP, slated for release on August 31st, 2023, was recorded at Aphotic Studios in Derby, KS, with renowned producer Chris Dawson at the helm. Dawson, known for his work with artists such as Seasons After, Saul, GEARS, Shallow Side, Ovtlier, and Any Given Sin, brings his expertise to elevate Hyperdose’s musical offerings.

Acknowledgements for this exceptional project go to Chris Dawson, the talented producer and mixer, who contributed his skills at Aphotic Studios. Mastering was handled by Mike Kalajian at Rogue Planet Mastering, ensuring a polished and well-balanced sonic experience. Juan Ibanez, the talented director, cinematographer, and editor from Shellshock Management, captured the essence of Hyperdose’s vision through his artistry. The remarkable artwork that complements this release was executed by Jason Catlett of Magnitude Creative. Additionally, Spencer Peck’s photography skills and Rachael Murphy’s cosmetic artistry contributed to creating a visually captivating aesthetic for Hyperdose’s EP.


Overall, “Not Ready To Die,” the latest offering from Hyperdose, encapsulates the indomitable spirit of persisting through hardships and embracing life’s challenges. This melodically captivating track serves as a testament to the band’s contemporary Hard Rock prowess. With their upcoming EP on the horizon, Hyperdose continues to establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the world of hard rock music.


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