Sunday May 1, 2022

I Don't Konform, photo sourced via Indiegogo

One day, I was listening to Arizona’s The Yeti Radio, and a song played from a band whose name I haven’t heard in years! 


Half a decade ago, I traveled to Gallup, New Mexico with an Orange Amps endorsee. We met some great people at that event, including this guy who made me do a double-take, as he ended up teaching the Orange Amps endorsee a speed-picking technique on the guitar that none of us have ever seen before!

The speed-picking guy I’m talking about is Kyle Felter, lead singer and guitarist of Navajo heavy metal band, I Don’t Konform, who you may have seen in Revolver Magazine, and most recently in a docuemtary on Tubi called Rez Metal! I Don’t Konform consists of lead singer and guitarist, Kyle Felter; bass player, Darren “D$TROY” Tuchawena; and drummer, Dion Curley. 


As shown in the trailer, the documentary (directed/produced by Ashkan Soltani Stone) puts a spotlight on life at the reserve,  to how the Window Rock, AZ-based band connected with Grammy-award winning producer, Flemming Rasmussen (Metallica’s Ride The Lightning, One, Master Of Puppets), to traveling to Denmark to record their Sagebrush Rejects album.  

As I was watching the documentary, I recognized a couple of familiar spots I Don’t Konform brought Flemming Rasmussen to on his visit to America: 93X FM in Gallup, NM where they were interviewed on the air and Sammy C’s, where the band and the legendary producer held a meet-and-greet! My personal favorite part of the hour and 14 minute long documentary was when Kyle Felter lists musicians and says: “You can tell the difference in someone who really believes what they play, compared to someone who just does it to do it.” 


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*The Sagebrush Rejects album is on my “Heavy” playlist on Spotify!