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Wednesday March 10 2019

bo courvoisier phil crozier
Photo: Phil Crozier

Lately, I’ve been vibing pretty hard to tunes that make you feel like the world is truly a runway: inspiring you to get dolled up for no real reason, strut down the sidewalk like you own it, just channeling your inner Gigi Hadid altogether.


The beautiful and stylish Toronto-based pop singer, Bo Courvoisier‘s music falls into that playlist. Here is my interview with her:


Your music was recently used in a fashion show for Toronto-based fashion label, House of Sass & Magic. What was your reaction to the news?

BC: I was ecstatic and very flattered. I love everything about House SM – everything from the way they push fashion boundaries and are such an inclusive brand, and of course, the heart and imagination behind the magic..Stacey Gonder! She is the best ! To have my music paired with a brand that speaks to my soul in such a profound way is humbling and an honor.

I love your fashion sense. Who styles you?

BC: Thank you ! I style myself for the most part. House SM, TSOQ, Dolls Kill are some of my favorite go to’s for inspiration and pieces.


Great choices! What inspired you to get into music?

BC: The first time I got my heart smashed I just wrote a song about it. There wasn’t really a plan, it just happened. I recorded it on a tape with a karaoke machine my siblings and I got for Christmas one year. Sort of self soothing, I guess.


If a DJ were to remix a song of yours, who would your dream collab be with? To which one of your songs?

BC: Oh wow. There are so many incredible DJ’s out there. Maybe..Boys Noize?! I’m really excited about my new EP and there’s a song called Skin in the Game that I can’t wait to share and remix soon ! I would also love to remix the single I have released, Baby Come Back.

bo courvoisier singer brendan north
Photo: Brendan North

I love that song! If a shoe designer were to name a shoe design after you, what would it look like?

BC: Oooohh..easily something in the Fluevog family. Black leather, 5 inch heel with a small platform, laces. But with SOME sequins or metallic detailing.


Oh dayum- now that’s a shoe! What is your favorite part of performing live?

BC: Connecting with the audience. It’s the best feeling in the world.

Least favorite? That it’s not happening every single night of my life..YET!

If you were to tour with any artists -dead or alive- who would be on your dream tour?

BC: Madonna & Lady Gaga, Charlie XCX!


Thank you so much for your time, Bo and look forward to your future endeavors!

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