Joey Finnz presents a fresh and energetic track called “Older”, a perfect addition to your summer playlist with its innovative fusion of tech, bass, and electro house elements. This captivating piece is driven by Joey’s deep reflection on his personal journey of self-discovery in his late thirties. In “Older,” he beautifully weaves together two distinct movements, symbolizing the contrasting stages of his life – childhood innocence and the vibrant celebration of the diverse rhythms and vibrations that come with age.


The artist, known as Joey Finnz, shares that “Older” was an unexpected creation that emerged from his authentic artistic process. Through this composition, he explores a joyous awakening, inviting listeners to experience the profound sense of transformation he has embraced. The arrangement of the track thoughtfully traces the path of his past and present experiences, creating a nostalgic yet uplifting atmosphere.


Hailing from Boston, Joe Williams has significantly contributed to the music industry as an audio engineer, having mixed over 1000 shows across various genres. Joey’s extensive background as a professional drummer and band leader has fuelled his passion for music production and DJing. Utilizing his deep understanding of sound, he curates unique musical experiences that bring people together and promote positivity. Joey Finnz skillfully merges technical expertise with creative beats, exemplifying how the art of sound engineering and musical endeavors can inspire unity among audiences.

Overall, “Older” by Joey Finnz is an extraordinary piece that seamlessly blends tech, bass, and electro house to create a captivating auditory experience. Through his introspective journey, Joey has crafted a track that reflects his growth and invites listeners to celebrate their own personal transformations. With his extensive background as an audio engineer and his dedication to spreading positivity, Joey Finnz is undoubtedly making a significant impact on the world of music, uniting audiences through his innovative and engaging sound.


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