June Turns Black’s latest release, “We Kill What We Love,” delves into the depths of the darker aspects of our modern world, confronting both the interpersonal damage inflicted by humans and the environmental destruction ravaging our planet. With powerful vocals from Andrei Dusca of We Are Numbers, Bogdan Hasas of Reverse the Moment, and the band’s own Rach Alaji, this Electronicore/Screamo-Djent outfit from Bucharest, Romania, presents a thought-provoking and sonically diverse musical experience.


Opening with the haunting mantra, “We take what we want and we kill what we love,” June Turns Black sets the tone for an introspective journey exploring the consequences of our actions. The lyrics delve into the fear, avarice, and selfishness that guide our existence, leading to an emotional and environmental wasteland. It serves as a call to action, urging listeners to come together for a better future.


Musically, June Turns Black is unafraid to push boundaries and experiment with genre-bending elements. Their fusion of heavily down-tuned guitars, electronic elements, and melodic hooks creates a dynamic soundscape that beautifully complements the raw emotion in their lyrics. Each track features meticulously crafted song structures and arrangements, showcasing the band’s commitment to artistic growth.

The accompanying music videos, which are produced by the band and their dedicated team, further reinforce the themes and concepts within their songs. In “Hurt Me,” the Kintsugi-inspired makeup serves as a visual representation of the scars that make one stronger, encapsulating the message of finding strength after trauma and abuse. Similarly, in “We Kill What We Love,” the constructed fake-foliage room serves as a haunting reminder of the decline of our environment, highlighting the detrimental impact of human actions.


“Hurt Me” and “We Kill What We Love” both serve as captivating offerings from June Turns Black, simultaneously painful and empowering. The lyrics delve into the darkness of our modern society, shedding light on the commodification of human psychology and the increasing disconnect between individuals. Despite the heavy themes, the band manages to infuse a sense of hope and resilience into their music, leaving listeners inspired to make a positive change.


Overall, June Turns Black’s “We Kill What We Love” is a powerful and thought-provoking release that showcases the band’s musical prowess and ability to tackle weighty subjects. With their genre-bending sound, evocative lyrics, and visually stunning music videos, this Romanian outfit solidifies their place in the electronicore/screamo-djent scene. It is an album that demands attention and reflection, offering both a visceral listening experience and a call to action for a better future.


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