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Thursday July 1, 2021


Have you ever come across an artist whose lyrics got you to get up from your chair and think “This guy’s a f**king poet”? This happened when I first listened to Kevelli‘s lyrics.


I perused the South Florida-based artist’s YouTube channel and realized I had to share them with you guys! 


That being said, welcome to the first time in the history of my blog where I am sharing more than one music video from the same artist in one post!

I’ll start off reviewing the video for Ride Or Die, feat. CLBNX (guest vocals) & LoG (guitar/co-producer), produced by CAPI, and directed by KOB/KVL.  


The lyrics will hit home if you’ve ever been traumatized from a highly toxic relationship with someone you felt deep feelings for but were prone to explosive fights, stayed in the relationship past its expiry date, and eventually had to leave to salvage what was left of your own peace of mind and sanity.  


The video takes place in what seems to be a renovation site, which is fitting because after a relationship like that, one would need to renovate their mind and spirit in order to fully heal. 

Next up: Indifference (featuring CLBNX on drums). The minute one person in the relationship starts to feel indifferent whether they stay or go, it can be painful and confusing being on the receiving end of the inevitable breakup. With lyrics like, “No love left in me, I can feel it like the blind can see, I’ve become numb, I’ve given up, even the blind can hear and feel indifference”, he spelled the feeling right out for the person who needs the explanation. 


The video, filmed by Payne Media Co., is set on a dock and visually, this is my favorite video of Kevelli’s so far!  Between the golden hour performance shots, Kevelli laying on the dock with an acoustic guitar, and the “flashback scenes” at night with the gorgeous tattooed actress with long locs, this video is a WHOLE mood. 

Kevelli’s most recent release, Lost in Miami (directed by Jaime Aquino ) displays a typical late night party vibe, complete with booze, gorgeous women, good times hanging with friends, and every kind of tension you can think of.  Basically, the beautiful and ugly side of partying. This is one I would recommend you add to a Spotify playlist to help you prepare for a night out or packing for a trip.. to a city like Miami!


The song was engineered and produced by Andrew Wade at The Audio Compound and features CLBNX (drums), LoG (guitar), and James Klynn (rap verse). 


Kevelli is not only a lyrical genius, but an organically theatrical performer, as you can see in his videos! I’d say he’s definitely an artist to check out live in concert. *Please tour Canada*


For more on Kevelli, get social! You can find all of his links here.