The lyrics of “Noah” by Metalcore band, Left To Suffer, portray a profound sense of despair and the dire consequences of one’s actions. The song delves into the overwhelming emotions one experiences when confronted with the weight of their mistakes, leaving them with a profound feeling of entrapment and an absence of any conceivable form of redemption. Drawing inspiration from the biblical account of Noah and the catastrophic flood, the lyrics serve as a powerful metaphor for the inescapable nature of one’s missteps. Left To Suffer skillfully captures the essence of hopelessness and the profound impact that our choices can have.


The artistic credits for “Noah” are a testament to the meticulous craftmanship that went into the creation of this gripping track. Written by Left to Suffer and Johnny Andrews, these lyrics are brought to life through the production of Judse & Jury (Howard Benson and Neil Sanderson), recorded at the renowned West Valley Studios. Mike Plotnikoff’s engineering expertise ensures the sonic quality is impeccable, and Matt Thomas expertly molds the elements together in the mixing process. The final touch is given by Niels Nielsen, who masterfully refines the track to perfection, making it truly transcendental.

Accompanying this haunting piece is a visually striking music video, captured by Joshua Thompson, and masterfully edited by Sam Beck. The video complements the lyrics and captures the essence of the song, further enhancing the listener’s experience.


In conclusion, “Noah” by Left To Suffer is an emotionally charged metalcore anthem that skillfully portrays the consequences of our actions. The lyrics, paired with the exceptional production values and visually captivating music video, create an immersive experience that will surely resonate with fans of the genre and those who appreciate raw and authentic expressions of human emotions.


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