“Champagne” by American Metalcore band Lives Lost delves into the all-too-relatable experience of having that one person in your life who appears to be a loyal friend but constantly emits negative vibes. This track unravels the essence of being surrounded by someone who wishes for your failure, spreads baseless rumours behind your back, and curses every glimpse of success that comes your way. Lives Lost skillfully captures the essence of such a friend-turned-enemy relationship.


The song candidly addresses those individuals who harbour doubts in your abilities, those fair-weather friends who secretly believe your band is subpar and harbuor ill wishes towards your journey. Lives Lost sheds light on the toxic nature of such relationships, exposing the underlying jealousy that consistently steers these individuals to bring you down, tarnishing your reputation before others.

Furthermore, Lives Lost itself bears significance as a euphemism symbolizing the number of deaths in a given situation. In this context, Lives Lost hails from Hershey, Pennsylvania, embodying the essence of Emotional Rock music intertwining emotion, melody, and contemplation. Founded by Tanis Pellegrini, the band’s bassist, guitarist, and vocalist, Lives Lost attracts two of his closest comrades – Aaron Perry on lead guitar and Alan Thompson on drums and backing vocals. Together, they craft a collection of singles and a captivating concept EP, delving into the stages of grieving, inspired by personal experiences. As they set their sights on producing a second EP and a full-length album, Lives Lost aims to create a lasting impression, taking the stage alongside national, regional, and local acts.


Overall, “Champagne” by Lives Lost resonates with anyone who has encountered individuals in their lives that harbour doubts and spread negativity. Lives Lost skillfully captures the essence of these toxic friendships-turned-enemies, offering a relatable and thought-provoking exploration. With their emotionally charged sound, the band promises to deliver impactful music that leaves an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of their listeners.


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