Looking for a captivating Post Hardcore track that encapsulates the struggle of holding onto the memories of a past love? Look no further than “Voice Of Virtue” by the talented band, Long Live The Lights! This engaging song not only conveys the emotional turmoil of refusing to let go but also leaves a lasting impact with its accompanying music video incorporating live concert footage. Whether you find yourself gazing across a room or rocking out on a tour, the heart yearns for what it desires, regardless of your circumstances.


Long Live The Lights, formed in 2017 in Houston TX, initially began by covering popular songs. However, with the addition of bass player Matt Fogarty, they began to take their music more seriously. Led by the powerhouse vocals of Andre Decuba and the skillful guitar work of Brendan McDowell, Long Live The Lights craft a diverse range of songs that captivate listeners with their energetic performances and melodic chorus sections. Their live shows are meticulously planned, providing a fully immersive experience for their audience and showcasing their dedication to their craft.

With their upcoming releases scheduled throughout the remainder of 2024, Long Live The Lights are currently focused on recording a collection of new tracks. Be sure to follow them on social media and Spotify to stay up-to-date with their latest releases and upcoming shows. The band members consist of Andre Decuba on vocals, Brendan McDowell on guitar, Matt Fogarty on bass and vocals, and Adrian Gonzalez on drums.


Overall, “Voice Of Virtue” by Long Live The Lights is an enthralling Post Hardcore anthem that perfectly captures the struggle of holding onto an ex-lover emotionally. With their impressive musicianship and captivating live performances, this band is certainly making waves in the Texas music scene. Don’t miss out on their upcoming releases and upcoming shows, so be sure to follow them on social media and Spotify for all the latest updates.


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“Voice Of Virtue” has been added to my “Heavy and Wanderlust”  playlists on Spotify!