Have you ever experienced the profound emotions of perplexity, exasperation, and a lingering sense of uncertainty regarding your life’s purpose? A time when you find yourself questioning your self-assurance and ability to make the correct choices, coupled with an impassioned expression of inadequacy and a lack of belonging in your own existence. Occasionally, you find yourself adrift, contemplating the very essence of your being. Hoang, in collaboration with the talented artists RUNN and nøll, has masterfully crafted the captivating and infectious Electro Pop track “Made For”, capturing the essence of this universal sentiment.


The collaboration between Hoang, RUNN, and nøll on the captivating Electro Pop single “Made For” explores a range of complex emotions that many listeners can relate to. The song delves into feelings of confusion, frustration, and a deep sense of not knowing one’s purpose in life. It captures the experience of questioning one’s own trust in oneself and the ability to make the right decisions. Additionally, it expresses a profound sense of failure and not feeling at home in one’s own existence. At times, the listener may even find themselves feeling lost and pondering the true meaning of their life.


The ethereal and catchy nature of “Made For” adds a unique and mesmerizing quality to the track. Hoang’s collaboration with RUNN and nøll ensures that the music is not only emotionally resonant but also highly enjoyable to listen to. The artists skillfully maintain the original structure and content of the song while infusing it with their distinct style, resulting in a must-listen Electro Pop gem.

Furthermore, the lyrics of “Made For” serve as a narrative that guides the listener through their own personal journey of self-discovery. The track invites introspection and allows the listener to contemplate their own feelings of confusion and doubt. Through the powerful vocals and captivating melodies, the artists have successfully crafted a piece of music that speaks directly to the soul.


Overall, Hoang’s collaboration with RUNN and nøll on “Made For” is a remarkable Electro Pop single that skillfully explores the universal experience of uncertainty and searching for meaning in life. The track not only captivates listeners with its ethereal and catchy sound but also evokes a range of emotions and thoughts. “Made For” is an undeniable testament to the talent and creativity of these artists.


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“Made For” has been added to my “Summer Vibes“, “Chill Tunes”, and Wanderlust” ,  playlists on Spotify!