Do you or someone you know feel trapped in a turbulent and exhausting relationship? The feeling of constantly falling short, with regular lies, manipulations, and insults can be overwhelming. But fear not, as there is an escape from this toxic cycle. Turn up the volume and let Major Moment’s alternative metal masterpiece “Toxic” be your catharsis. The captivating vocal harmonies intertwined with an infectious, upbeat instrumental arrangement deliver the perfect outlet to express the heart-wrenching struggles of being in a toxic situation with someone you care for deeply.


This up-and-coming band packs a punch with their intense and cinematic sound, blending heavy guitar riffs, modern production, and melodic vocals. What truly sets them apart is their harmonious blend of both male and female clean and extreme vocals, creating a dynamic contrast of styles. Drawing inspiration from their personal experiences, Major Moment produces music that speaks to their audience, inspiring them to chase their dreams and live a life of purpose. Their emotionally charged performances and innovative sound have earned them a dedicated fan base and cemented their position as a leading force in the heavy music scene.

Major Moment’s upcoming album “The Pain That Makes Us Grow” will be released via singles on streaming platforms, paired with music videos, as well as on CDs and vinyl, available in 6 color variants, by the end of 2023. “The Pain That Makes Us Grow” is the band’s most ambitious and diverse-sounding project to date, exploring a range of themes including toxic relationships, personal growth, Russian aggression towards Ukraine, dangers of propaganda and living in the past. The band’s dedication to these issues is reflected in the honesty and intensity of their lyrics, which will no doubt resonate with listeners in search of meaningful and thought-provoking music. The album was produced and mixed by Kevin Billingslea, a long-time Major Moment collaborator, and was mastered by Ted Jensen, who has worked on projects for major artists such as Bring Me The Horizon, I Prevail and more.


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“Toxic” has been added to the rotation on Hypernova Radio, as well as my “HEAVY“, “Hypernova Radio – New Adds“, and “Wanderlust”  playlists on Spotify!