In this thought-provoking and emotionally charged review, we delve into the world of Mary Middlefield’s music and her unique ability to capture the complex nature of love and abuse. With her upcoming EP, Mary Middlefield takes us on a purging journey of raw emotion, leaving us with a sense of clarity and a fresh perspective.


Starting with the mesmerizing track “Heart’s Desire,” Middlefield explores the intricacies of age gap relationships and the yearning for a deeper connection. Through her poignant lyrics, she delves into the feelings of being unseen and unfulfilled, as well as the craving for intimacy and validation. Middlefield’s words emphasize the mix of emotions experienced, including longing, insecurity, and the desperate need for assurance.


Mary Middlefield sheds light on the deeper meaning behind the song, clarifying that it addresses the serious issue of statutory rape and manipulation by older individuals. She emphasizes the importance of not romanticizing such relationships and sheds light on the power dynamics and abuses that can occur. By incorporating her own personal experiences, Middlefield effectively conveys the impact of these abusive situations.

The landscape of Lausanne, Switzerland serves as a metaphorical backdrop to Middlefield’s music. Described as a place of captivating beauty that can turn still and silent, it becomes the perfect canvas for her intense and passionate compositions. Drawing inspiration from her classical violin background, Middlefield seamlessly blends elements of pop-punk intensity and folk-inspired softness, reminiscent of acclaimed artists like Elliott Smith and Nick Drake.


Mary Middlefield’s upcoming EP signifies a cathartic release for both herself and the listeners. It serves as a beacon of hope for those who may feel stuck, scorned, or lonely, inviting them to find solace in her music. With every heartfelt lyric and evocative melody, Middlefield encourages us to join her in embracing our suffering, yearning, and ultimately, finding our voice.


Overall, Mary Middlefield’s music is a testament to her talent for seamlessly intertwining powerful emotions and captivating storytelling. Her upcoming EP, born from a place of personal experience, will undoubtedly serve as a much-needed release for those who find solace in her heartfelt compositions. As we listen to her music, we are invited to confront our own struggles, experiencing both the pain and the catharsis that comes with it. Mary Middlefield is an artist unafraid to use her voice to shed light on difficult topics, while still offering a glimmer of hope and connection for all who listen.


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