Monday December 12, 2022


An artist whose music all comes from their nightmares or dreams, American alt-pop artist, McGrady’s single “When The Night Comes” is about two people -who have just met for the first time-  on a joyride around sunset to “outrun time” and chase the horizon. The guy gets nervous when he spots the moon in his rear view mirror. They keep going, run out of gas, they start running away from the moon on foot through a forest until they reach a cliff. Here’s where it gets weird: The guy tells the girl to run away because she’s not safe; he says “I’m sorry” and jumps off the cliff, despite the girl trying to save him. She then looks behind her, and over the forest’s edge, a giant red moon creeps into the night sky. She then looks back to where he was, and slowly he rises up from the ground up above the cliff side, floating in the middle of the air in the form of a werewolf with devilish red eyes. She stands frozen in fear, and after seconds, he attacks. Enter the birth of “When The Night Comes”!


I would like to know if McGrady eats cheese or chocolate before having these kinds of dreams, if all of his songs are based on dreams he has!

Austin McGrady (born June 17, 1995), known professionally as McGrady, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, creative media designer, visual arts specialist, and professional photographer. Sparking ideas from dreams and nightmares, McGrady has embarked on a journey to create soundscapes and melodic vibes that tell stories from within the mind. Recording all of his dreams, he’ll take inspiration from them and create a sonic landscape to have listeners embark on the ride with him through his music.


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“When The Night Comes” has been added to my “Chill Tunes” and “Wanderlust” playlists on Spotify!