Media Queen has made a triumphant return with their captivating new single, “Dead Heart,” taken from their latest album titled “Horror.” Inspired by the Horror/Sci-Fi film “Return of the Living Dead: 3,” this track is a powerful love song that resonates deeply. With poignant lyrics like “You are oxygen/ that I have to breathe in,” the emotional intensity is palpable. The song encompasses a catchy, melodic, raw, and passionate ambiance, paying homage to the mid-’90s Rock era, making it a perfect fit with the film released in 1993.


Drawing influences from various punk-rock acts like Yellowcard, Taking Back Sunday, and Finch, Media Queen infuses the music with sing-along vibes that instantly hook listeners. Moreover, the band effortlessly incorporates heavier elements reminiscent of Coheed and Cambria and the Deftones, giving their sound a dynamic edge. Lead vocalist Matt Parsons, known for his previous work with Silentfilm, Isle to Augusta, and Headrec, spearheads this ambitious project. Notably, Parsons has collaborated with All Time Low, featuring as a guest vocalist on their first two albums and lending his extraordinary talent to tracks such as “The Girl is a Straight Up Hustler.” He has also contributed his distinctive voice to multiple songs on the debut album of the esteemed band, Dangerous Summer, including the evocative piece “The Permanent Rain.”

After investing over two years in crafting his craft and preparing for this moment, Matt Parsons has ventured into uncharted musical territories. The result is a discography comprising five albums that brilliantly traverse diverse genres. This latest offering from Media Queen serves as a testament to Parsons’ artistic growth and serves as a captivating addition to their impressive discography.


In essence, “Dead Heart” is an enthralling composition that expertly captures the essence of love and longing. With its amalgamation of compelling lyrics, infectious melodies, and a delightful blend of punk rock and heavier influences, Media Queen continues to establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with.


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