mini mielk

It has been almost 25 years to the date since English trip hop collective, Massive Attack released their album Mezzanine, and I haven’t heard anything as equally haunting, mesmerising, chill, yet thrilling since… until now.  Ukraine-based producer/artist, mini mielk has released “More Sense”, and I feel it could have been a bonus song on Massive Attack’s album, or even on the same movie soundtrack as one of their tracks!


mini mielk, a versatile and immensely talented artist and music producer from Ukraine, is currently globetrotting between the United States, Turkey, and Spain. Over the years, she has earned her stripes as a reputable producer and music manager, working closely with renowned rock and electronic artists such as Tony Raut, Infraction, and Hella Kidz.

Recently, mini mielk took a bold leap to pursue her lifelong passion for dark cinematic music inspired by gothic and horror films. Consequently, she has not only ventured into a solo career but is also gearing up to release an enticing new collection of cinematic rock and indie music. Highly motivated and passionate about her craft, mini mielk has set ambitious goals for herself; she plans to release at least five more singles in her unique style before the year ends.

mini mielk

“More Sense” is a mesmerizing downtempo track exuding an atmosphere of chilling horror. Featuring a soothing deep voice that gradually builds up to an intense rock crescendo, this song masterfully blends moody electronic music with a powerful rock climax. “More Sense” feels like the perfect sonic accompaniment for horror or psychedelic movies, as well as refined independent video games. A testament to mini mielk’s dedication to authenticity, the striking rock components of this unforgettable track were recorded using real instruments in the studio.


“More Sense” has been added to my “Summer Vibes” and “Wanderlust”  playlists on Spotify!