“Heavy Heart” by Modern Mimes expresses feelings of emptiness, darkness, and violence someone is experiencing. They also encourage the listener to embrace their inner light and push away their demons. The imagery used in the song revolves around the absence of light and the overwhelming power of darkness and violence. However, there is also a sense of hope towards the end of the song, as new horizons appear on the horizon and the singer is able to defy the pain and scars of their heavy heart.


The universe is a never-ending cycle of energy that repeats until perfection is achieved, and then another cycle begins. Modern Mimes, an intuitive group of individuals, are set to release their third album, “Portals,” with a similar message but with new insights and acceptance. Unlike their past works that tackled the impending future with urgency, their new release emanates an unshaken calm despite the lack of security prevailing in the world.

Modern Mimes is known for their strength, grounding, magic, and exponential growth, giving its listeners access to their own portal. They are able to translate the whispers of the future into captivating songs that make you question the world’s reality and your own existence. With “Portals,” Modern Mimes offer a fantastic journey into this spiraling cycle of the universe where the listeners can connect with their soul and the everlasting energy.



6.7 St. Joseph, MO @ Cafe Acoustic

6.8 Rockford, IL @ Stockyard Rock Burger Bar

6.9 Unity, WI @ Monster Hall Music Fest

6.10 Wonder Lake, IL @ The Alibi

6.11 Elkhorn, WI @ Pitstop 67

6.13 Saginaw, MI @ Hamilton Pub

6.14 Jackson, MI @ 300 Brass Rail Club

6.15 Newark, OH @ Newark Hub

6.16 Mechanicsburg, PA @ Lovedraft’s Brewing

6.17 Baltimore, MD @ Zen West

6.18 Parkersburg, WV @ Tracey’s Pub


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