Monochromatic Black, the Long Island-based Metal band, has released their latest single, “Hail The Queen (The Hive),” which is a must-listen for all bee enthusiasts out there. This track beautifully captures the essence of the loyal bee colonies and their unwavering dedication to protect their queen.


With the tremolo and dissonant guitars, accompanied by the odd and chaotic rhythms and lyrics, Monochromatic Black paints a vivid sonic picture that transports you into the depths of a bee hive. Imagine sticking your head inside and witnessing the mesmerizing combination of death and destruction that the worker bees relentlessly endure to maintain their queen’s matriarchy. It’s a truly imaginative experience that leaves a lasting impact.


Monochromatic Black, formed in January 2018, is a powerhouse in the American Metal scene. The band comprises of the incredibly talented vocalist Tanya Beickert, guitarist John Gribbin, and drummer Eddie DeCesare. In their live performances, they are joined by guitarist Dan Rivera and bassist Arthur Erb, completing the electrifying five-piece ensemble.

“Hail The Queen (The Hive)” showcases the band’s ability to create music that not only captivates your ears but takes you on a journey. Their unique blend of intense instrumentation and thought-provoking lyrics sets them apart in the Metal genre.


Overall, Monochromatic Black’s latest release is a testament to their creativity and ability to bring unconventional themes to life through their music. If you’re a fan of Metal and have an appreciation for all things bees, this is a track that shouldn’t be missed. So, dive into the world of Monochromatic Black and hail the queen!


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“Hail The Queen (The Hive)” has been added to my “Heavy and Wanderlust”  playlists on Spotify!