Moonlabyte’s latest single “Unnoted” from their upcoming album “Bridges” boasts a unique and thrilling sound that listeners are sure to love. The track opens with heavy guitar riffs that play off of angst-ridden vocals, creating an electrifying atmosphere that perfectly embodies the emotional depth of the lyrics. The song features a blend of musical styles, which include a calm and dreamlike electronic interlude, that showcase the artists’ versatility and skill.


The lyrics explore themes of frustration and resignation, which ultimately pose thought-provoking questions about the human experience – whether to keep fighting or give up when faced with an unattainable dream. Moonlabyte’s artists use music as a tool to express these complex emotions and raise questions about life’s challenges, resulting in a powerful and memorable musical experience for the listener.

Overall, “Unnoted” is a fresh and captivating take on the modern rock genre that is sure to leave a lasting impression on its audience. With its high-energy performance and emotional depth, this single stands out as a must-listen for any music lover seeking to explore the cutting edge of contemporary music.


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“Unnoted” has been added to the Hypernova Radio rotation, as well as my “Heavy” “Hypernova Radio – New Addsand Wanderlust”  playlists on Spotify!