The lyrics of Moonteeth’s “Gate Control” exude a profound sense of introspection and contemplation on the human experience. It delves into the ephemeral nature of life, emphasizing how swiftly it can slip through our fingers, leaving us paralyzed and incapable of moving forward. The lyrics beautifully capture this sensation of uncertainty and chaos, heightened by the metaphor of collapsing stars, which intensifies the overall feeling of unease.


In the subsequent verse, the song further explores the theme of mortality and the yearning to transcend the confines of our physical existence. Through vivid imagery of erosion, forging, and transcendence, the vocalist effectively conveys this empowering message. The concept of being forever caught in a state of transition, like a ghost departing from this world, suggests a deep longing for liberation from the restrictions imposed by the material realm.


The chorus reinforces the notion of decay and deterioration, evoking a visceral taste of rust and painting a vivid imagery of relentless days relentlessly marching towards the inevitable embrace of death. Despite this melancholic portrayal, the narrator remains resolute in confronting their fate head-on, bravely burying their pain.


Overall, “Gate Control” is a compelling exploration of the human condition and our intrinsic yearning to transcend it. The lyrics are incredibly thought-provoking and elicit a wide range of emotions, making it highly engaging for listeners.


Moonteeth, a metalcore band hailing from Salt Lake City, UT, emerged onto the scene in 2020. Combining dark, heavy riffs with melodic interludes, their sound draws inspiration from a diverse range of metal and hardcore influences. Focusing on themes of depression, anxiety, and the daily struggles we all face, Moonteeth’s lyrics effectively capture the essence of the human experience. Their music is characterized by powerful, driving rhythms and intense, emotive vocals, creating an atmosphere of catharsis and connection that resonates with their audience. In a short span of time, Moonteeth has already released two impactful singles and performed extensively within the Salt Lake City area. Their innovative approach to metalcore is certain to leave a lasting impression on the music scene.


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