“Masquerade” by Brunei-based rock artist, NOL K, delves into the intricate relationship between destiny and life, captivating listeners with its exploration of potent emotions. The track draws a parallel between existence and a vigorous cabaret performance, where the allure of theatricality intertwines with the harsh reality of words that have the potential to wound deeply, yet solace can be found in shared suffering. By urging individuals to shed their masks and seek their own path, the song offers a poignant invitation to discover one’s true purpose.


NOL K hails from Brunei and boasts a diverse skill set as a singer, songwriter, and producer. Receiving his musical education at the renowned London Music School in the late 90s, he co-founded his first band, Matahari. Garnering praise from influential acts such as Bullet for My Valentine and Hundred Reasons, Matahari even garnered attention from the venerable rock band Incubus. Over the years, NOL K has lent his versatile vocals to various rock and hardcore bands, notably including The Late Yetis, I Mean the Snakes, and his current endeavor, Hurricane Honey. His passion for music spans across genres, with a particular affection for 90s alternative rock, taking inspiration from the likes of Stone Temple Pilots, Weezer, and the Smashing Pumpkins. Presently, NOL K holds Alternative Noise as his favorite Spotify editorial playlist, an assortment of tracks that blend melancholy with a glimmer of hope.

NOL K’s artistry serves as both a cathartic outlet and a public expression of his personal experiences. By baring his soul through his songs, NOL K aims to touch the hearts of his listeners and connect on a deep level. As an avid fan of Ramen and a devoted husband to the enigmatic muse named Suzanna, alongside their remarkably mischievous feline companion, Bowie, NOL K pours his heart and soul into this solo project.


Overall, NOL K’s “Masquerade” provides an entrancing auditory journey that encapsulates the intricate dance between destiny and existence. With his diverse musical background and heartfelt lyricism, NOL K aims to leave an indelible mark on his audience, inviting them to peer beyond the theatrical facade and discover their own purpose in the tapestry of life.


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