Nashville-based New Jersey artist, Sophie Shredz, takes her rock & roll roots to new heights with her captivating single, “OMG.” This exhilarating track combines progressive rock guitar riffs and formidable drums, delivering an explosion of raw, unbridled punk-rock energy. “OMG” is the perfect concoction to ignite your inner fire, compelling you to dance, mosh, sing along, and groove in your seat, reminiscent of the electrifying performances by Mindless Self Indulgence. Sophie Shredz’s latest release is an absolute must-listen, capturing the true essence of rock music with a mesmerizing blend of instrumentals and infectious energy.


According to Sophie herself, “OMG” encapsulates the concept of someone obsessively hating you and living rent-free in their mind. The song playfully ridicules those who attempt to tear her down while she flourishes and lives her best life. With “OMG,” Sophie explores fresh ideas for her upcoming album, molding the creative and sonic direction of the Sophie Shredz project.


The music video for “OMG,” ingeniously directed by Lucy Flores and produced/styled by MK Kopp, exists within an eerie and surreal realm, with a hint of kitsch. Sophie unveils the video’s concept, centered around creation, control, and worship, while staying true to the distinctive Sophie Shredz vibe but with a darker twist reminiscent of vampire chic.

Hailing from New Jersey but now based in Nashville, Sophie Shredz, also known as Sophie Ruggiero, grew up immersed in the sounds of classic rock legends like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and Heart. Sophie’s passion for the guitar blossomed from a young age, becoming an avid player by the tender age of 7.


In its entirety, “OMG” by Sophie Shredz is an electrifying rock anthem that will leave you yearning for more. With its enthralling instrumentals, infectious energy, and Sophie’s powerhouse vocals, this song serves as a testament to her immense talent and rockstar persona. Keep a vigilant eye on Sophie Shredz as she fearlessly pushes boundaries and carves her own path in the rock music landscape.


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